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Why Hire a Personal Healthcare Advocate?

As your personal Healthcare Advocate, here are some ways that I can help you:


  • Provide you with researched information to help you better understand your diagnosis and evaluate your treatment options

  • Help bring together your medical team to better coordinate your care during hospitalizations, placements at skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and at home

  • Conduct assessments and healthcare planning for patients of all ages

  • Help you with your care coordination when you are overwhelmed or medically unable

  • Provide emotional support to caregivers and take some health care planning and coordination responsibilities off of their plate

  • Assist parents who are overwhelmed with their child’s medical situation or frustrated with trying to find resources for support

  • Help coordinate the care for an elderly family member or for a person of any age who has special needs

  • Accompany you to medical appointments to help you interpret medical language and speak on your behalf to your medical provider, if needed

  • Help you consider if a second opinion would be helpful when making decisions about your medical care

  • Help you make informed medical decisions that match your values and goals

  • Help you to better understand and manage your medications, and coordinate consultations with your pharmacist

  • Help you find the ideal living situation for yourself or a loved one, and help determine whether independent living, assisted living, a skilled nursing facility, nursing home, residential care facility, care home, or memory care is the right fit

  • Help you quickly identify high-quality local providers for durable medical equipment, home health care, home health aides and professional caregivers, adult day care program, adult day health centers, respite care, other in-home care services, and rehabilitational services including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy

  • Help you understand your insurance coverages, assist with billing issues, and effectively file appeals​

  • Help you prepare or organize your end-of-life documents

  • I can assist you with identifying legal and professional advisors, such as estate planning, elder care and special needs attorneys, certified public accountants and financial planners, and private fiduciaries

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Common medical conditions where an advocate may help you:

  • ​Common adult and elderly medical conditions where I can be an advocate on your behalf include, but are not limited to: cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, Parkinson's disease, other neurological and brain conditions, neuromuscular diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, lung and respiratory diseases, pneumonia, kidney disease, accidents, and injuries

  • Common childhood and teen health conditions where I can be an advocate on your child’s behalf include, but are not limited to:  Down Syndrome, childhood cancers, autism, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavioral and psychological issues, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, digestive problems, asthma, neuromuscular disease, heart disease, respiratory disease, birth defects, infections, flu and pneumonia, accidents and injuries

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