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How a Personal Healthcare Advocate Can Help You

What I Do

As your personal Certified Healthcare Advocate:
  • I work directly for YOU - not for a hospital, medical clinic, residential care facility, home care agency, nor insurance company. I am YOUR advocate.

  • I can help improve communication between your physicians, specialists, hospital, pharmacists, care providers and insurance company.

  • I can help you figure out questions to ask of your medical providers, so that you receive and understand ALL of the information you need to make informed decisions and have a voice in your own health care.

  • I understand the medical system and can help you gain clarity about your medical condition and the treatment options that are available to you.​​

  • I can help you to better understand the benefits and risks of each treatment option, so that you can become more confident in the decisions that you make about your health care.

sacrameno healthcare support
  • ​​I listen to you in order to understand your values, beliefs and what truly matters to you regarding your healthcare.  This enables you both to gain clarity about your healthcare goals and to be able to effectively communicate your choices to your healthcare providers.

  • I will provide you with the knowledge and emotional support that you may need in times of crisis, especially when your family and friends are not able to provide that support.

Services Not Provided

As a Certified Healthcare Advocate, I cannot provide the following services which are outside of my scope of practice:
  • I do not provide direct, hands-on examinations, medical treatment or diagnoses.

  • I do not provide medical advice, second opinions or advise my clients in their treatment decisions. I will accompany my clients to appointments for the purposes of interpreting the medical information, helping them to better understand their treatment options and advocating on their behalf.

  • I do not get paid by your health insurance company. Healthcare advocacy services are private pay and are currently not covered by health insurance.

  • I do not serve as a legal representative for my clients in any capacity, whether for decision making regarding their care, finances or otherwise

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