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Medical challenges can confront people of any age.  Andrea Rosenblume of Healthcare Pathways, a Sacramento area patient advocate, can help you navigate through unfamiliar situations so that you
and your loved ones can experience the best possible care, quality of life and peace of mind.

Patient, do you need

an Advocate?

  • Are you or a family member unable to manage your own healthcare coordination because of poor health or other reasons?

  • Are your medical team and health care partners not effectively coordinating your care?

  • Do you need someone to speak on your behalf regarding your medical treatment and health care preferences?

  • Are you feeling alone, frightened or overwhelmed by the changes in your health and trying to effectively manage your care?

  • Do you have a complex medical situation, but do not fully understand your diagnosis or treatment options?

  • Would you like guidance on where to find medical providers and highly regarded specialists for your particular health needs?

  • Do you need help in identifying high-quality local health service providers for rehabilitation, skilled nursing, in-home care, and patient support?

  • Are language, religious or spiritual preferences, cultural barriers, stigma, misunderstandings, or other issues creating barriers to you or a family member receiving proper medical care?

  • Do you need assistance in arranging an end-of-life plan for yourself or a loved one?

  • Do you need assistance navigating cumbersome hospital, insurance or Medicare processes?

andrea rosenblume
bay area health consultant
healthcare pathways

As a Caregiver, are you getting the support you need?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or alone in providing care for your loved one?

  • Does it sometimes feel like there is not enough time in the day to manage both caregiving and your own responsibilities?  Do your needs go unmet when prioritizing your loved one’s care?

  • Would you like someone to take some of those tasks off your plate?

  • Does a family member living in another geographic area need healthcare coordination?

  • Are challenging family dynamics adding additional stress or barriers to providing proper care?

  • Would you like assistance in locating caregiver resources and support groups?

  • Would you like assistance finding a new home for your aging parent in an independent, assisted living, nursing, or memory care community?

  • Do you need help identifying high-quality local medical providers, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing, in-home care, respite programs, or medical equipment providers?

  • Would you like to learn new skills to help you care more effectively for an ill or elderly family member?

To learn more about the benefits of working with an advocate,
listen to Andrea's radio and podcast interviews below!

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